About Me

change at 24 frames per second

From a background in journalism and documentary, I specialise in strategic filmmaking for agencies, brands, government, UN agencies and NGOs. My work draws on journalism, documentary and scripted filmmaking disciplines to create powerful stories to drive change. Experienced in the edit as on location, managing international teams of filmmakers and creating successful factual TV series in in collaboration with commercial partners.

Currently working at M&C Saatchi World Services in the Global and Social issues team as a senior producer/director. Partnering with governments, civil society, foundations, academia and the private sector, we work on the critical issues of our time, including the climate emergency, national security, human rights and freedoms, social justice, conflict prevention, and the Sustainable Development Goals.


documentary • scripted • consultancy

I have made facial film content all over the world, with a focus on getting people to tell their stories clearly and powerfully.


Recent Work

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