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A documentary-maker specializing in actuality shooting to tell real stories.

Hope for DOX magazine?

The European Documentary Network (EDN) meets on November 23rd and will discuss a proposal to revive its printed magazine, DOX, in an annual form. This is (was?) the only magazine in Europe devoted to the culture of making documentaries at a time when online distribution and technical advances mean there are more documentary makers then [...]

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Filming interviews on a DSLR

Last week I shot my first interviews soley on the 5D Mk III running Magic Lantern. Despite using it as a second camera in January and then pretty much as a first camera for interviews and GVs last month, I'd never purely relied on a DSLR to shoot video for broadcast. Generally it was great, [...]

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Everything in its Right Place

"Hey that's my toilet! What are you doing?" Edson Chagas, the photographer whose work "Found, Not Taken" won the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale last year has had some startled responses while he works. Not least when he borrowed a discarded toilet for a photograph. "I don't have any great statement to make, but [...]

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Canon 5D mk3 as a documentary tool

When I bought a 5D mk3 just before Christmas, the justification was really the fact that my old Canon F1 still a camera has lain unused for around 6 years and I have never fully embraced the digital photography revolution, instead relying on my iphone. Increasingly my directing work entails shooting publicity stills at better [...]

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